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It’s Personal. Post-Pregnancy Care Private Service at The Comfort of Your Own Home.

Giving birth is probably the most exciting and beautiful journey for a woman but could be exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. It is an experience that only a mother would ever understand. It requires a lot of strength and energy and it can be stressful and emotional. Traditionally, a confinement lady in Malaysia is hired to help a new mother to ease into motherhood during the confinement period.


The confinement period (zuoyuezi) is one of the most important period of a mother’s life where she gets to rest, replenish and renew her energy while spending precious bonding time with her newborn after the delivery.


Founded in 2017, NANI is an exclusive private post-pregnancy care service in Malaysia that provides professionally trained confinement lady for a new mother in the comfort of her own home for a minimum of 28-days.
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What Services Do we Offer?

We have specially designed the postnatal care services with a modern approach that would cater to all your confinement needs. It is also very important for our confinement nanny to stay with you at your home for a minimum of 28 days to provide the best postnatal care for the mother and the baby. Our services include:

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Care for Baby

Mothers are exhausted after the delivery and may not have the full energy to take good care of the baby. Our nanny is there to enable the mother to rest by taking good care of the newborn.

Care for Mother

Confinement is the time for mothers to rest, replenish and renew. We help you achieve that by providing care and support throughout the period.

Meal Preparation

Our nannies are well-trained in confinement cooking and TCM knowledge to help you rejuvenate and recover during the confinement period through proper nutrition.


The postnatal massage helps the mother to expel wind, promotes blood circulation and reduces water retention.


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